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this is how he stole half a million euros in iPhone

Five detainees at the moment and more arrests are not ruled out.

There are stories that we believe destined only for science fiction, although sometimes fate gives them a role in real life and from there they arise news like the one we are going to tell you.

And it is that the National Police has detained five workers from the Amazon logistics center in Madrid for having stolen iPhones worth half a million euros. At the time of arrest, furthermore, they carried ten iPhones and numerous IMEI codes that tore out of Apple phone cases.

According to sources in the investigation, the five Amazon employees arrested They tore the codes from the boxes of the smartphones of the apple to make it difficult to trace and make police investigations more complex.

Amazon detected packages that did not match

iphone 12 stolen amazon

Half a million euros, that's the value of the stolen iPhones.

The meticulous control to which Amazon submits all its merchandise on this occasion has paid off. The company decided to put its suspicions in the hands of the police when detect numerous packages whose weight was not the corresponding and the result was the arrest of the five individuals mentioned above.

To find the evildoers, Amazon installed hidden cameras and the result could not be more enlightening: there were five workers who they changed the content of the shipments and they introduced the new Apple smartphones to a recipient who was in league with them. In this way, Instead of some cheap object, the recipient in question would get the missing iPhone.

Once the modus operandi is known, Amazon estimates that the value of the stolen iPhones amounts to 500,000 euros. The investigation is ongoing and both the police and the marketplace are working to Identify the recipients of fraudulent packages.

The five implicated have been fired and are being held awaiting trial.