this is how 24-hour-old publications work

In March, Twitter told us that he was experimenting with introducing his own stories under the name 'Fleets'. If it reached all audiences, it was an exponential change for the platform, after not having changed the importance and hegemony of the tweet since its inception. Now, Twitter has just announced the global launch of the feature for all users., including those of Spain. As we will see later, it is not the only thing that they announce today.

The Fleets are very similar to the rest of the stories or Stories that we know from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp or even LinkedIn, and they arrive with the philosophy and culture of the ephemeral, which means have a life of 24 hours from publication and, after that, disappear in the eyes of our followers. Like its competitors, the Fleets appear at the top of the post.

The biggest change in the Twitter Timeline since its birth, available to everyone in the coming days

Fleets 2

The Fleets share philosophy and background of the other story options, and in that sense, they allow linking, uploading videos and photos. According to what Twitter tells, the introduction of the stories is due not so much to the change in format, but to the fact that with retweets and likes there is a lot of pressure, while stories, despite being visible, will be more intimate, and above all, they will disappear.

Twitter can change forever, like Instagram changed

In this sense, states Twitter, "we have seen that users with Fleets speak more on Twitter ", referring to what they have observed during the trial period they have carried out in Brazil. Regarding these issues of time, what it seems is that the company has chosen to implement stories instead of ephemeral tweets, but deep down, except for the change in format, it is what they are. Many users of the platform delete their tweet archive from time to time. With this new feature, it won't be necessary.

Like on Instagram, in Twitter stories can be shared by your own or other people's tweets, and the graphic style is similar. To publish a tweet in the stories, you just have to look for the share option and click on 'Share on Fleets'. Stickers are missed, which will arrive soon along with the live videos.

Today, Anyone can take a screenshot of our Fleets, and anyone can see our timeline if our profile is open. There is, at the moment, a function to choose who can see our stories, as Instagram does with 'Best friends', for example.

Spaces, the other great novelty: audio note rooms


If Twitter had already released the audio tweets (which now they also reach direct messages), today the company is taking another step in that direction with the launch of 'Spaces'. It is a function that allows us to create a room with the users we choose, to communicate with voice notes in a totally private way.

Jack Dorsey's company claims that Spaces responds to the need that some users have to share their opinion without receiving harassment or possible harm. The decision is very reminiscent of Mark Zuckerberg's message last year to make Facebook "more private." Spaces will allow reactions with emojis, as is now done in private messages. At the moment, it is an experimental function, and it is released in a reduced form for "a group of people who suffer abuse and damage disproportionately on the platform, women and other marginalized groups"