This extension will get rid of Pinterest in Google Images searches

When looking for an image on the Internet, I imagine that the vast majority (like you) turn to Google Images. Often times, Pinterest images appear in the first results, something that bothers many users.

Thanks to 'Unpinterested!' you can avoid having to go through Pinterest (which, many times, acts as an intermediary) to reach a certain image or a page that can host the content we are looking for.

Marlon Brando Pinterest Pinterest Google Search

Pinterest only on Pinterest

Is about a totally free extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that will take care of hiding all Pinterest images when we search Google Images.

And it is that Pinterest can be a great platform for certain occasions or uses, but it can be an annoying interference if we are trying to search for something specific in Google.

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Thousands of users have installed it and it has hundreds of positive votes, and on platforms like Reddit we can find enough thank you entries to this simple extension.

I Want A Google Search Option To Never Ever Ever Show Me A Pinterest Link For Any Reason Google

Similar tools existed for Google searches, but they didn't work on Google Images. Yes, seems to give some problems when using Google Maps.

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If this is your case (it has happened to me), we will simply have to click on the extension icon> Advanced settings and deactivate the option that appears at the bottom.