this extension mixes the Pomodoro technique with blocking certain websites

For many years we have been talking about the Pomodoro technique, a technique that is applicable to the development of any type of task and that invites us to divide it into blocks of time.

The browser, for many, has become the epicenter of their computer, and that means that work may be one eyelash away from the biggest distraction. Fortunately, today we are going to talk about a tool that can be of great help.

Timer + lock

Otto is a new extension for Google Chrome that, in addition to offering us a productivity timer, includes a web blocking system to avoid falling into distractions of all kinds.

Ben (@harowitzblack) it is the creator of this extension, and assures that "he is usually very distracted while working or doing any type of task, and that is why he wanted to do something about it."

"I made a Pomodoro timer and a web page blocker to help me keep an eye on my actions."

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Once we have installed it, we will see that a blue icon appears in the extensions section. By pressing it, we can start a timer that, by default, is set at 25 minutes (typical in the Pomodoro technique).

Computers and computing

In the prohibited symbol that appears in the upper right part of the extension menu we will see a list of blocked pages, which we will not be able to access while the timer is active.

Otto Be Mindful While Working Product Hunt

We can add websites to this list or unblock them in two very simple ways: both from this menu and by pressing the extension icon when we have the page open.

As is often the case in these types of applications, Otto incorporates a reward system (gamification) which seeks to encourage users to avoid distractions. In addition, they will soon introduce reports with which we can learn more details of our behavior.