this extension allows you to 'spam' back spammers

Email is an essential tool in the daily lives of millions of people, but that task can get a little complicated when you have to be dodging tons of spam.

When that happens, we have two options, delete that spam email, or we can also do something else: fight back. That's what 'You've Got Spam' offers us, a free extension for Google Chrome.

A tool that could be used maliciously

This tool has been developed by MSCHF and, with a single click, you can subscribe the sender's email address to hundreds of spam subscriptions, making him try his own medicine.

Obviously, this means it can be used maliciously or unethically, since any email we receive may be the subject of this automated spam campaign.

If we have activated it, we will see that (near the buttons to mark as unread or snooze) a violet icon will appear in the shape of a devilish emoji. If we press it, the following message will appear:

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This is the Government's plan to monitor, investigate and combat the campaigns of "disinformation" from Homeland Security

That easy. Daniel Greenberg, creator of this extension, states that "the days of cheap viagra pills and Nigerian princes' profits are over."

"Well folks, there is only one solution: we have to strike back."

Maybe it's a good tool to test by going to the "Spam" folder of our Gmail, and it is in the conscience of each one at the time of using it with individual accounts or business emails that do not carry out bad practices.