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this Black Friday choose to have your house cleaned for you

Roborock has put its entire range of products with incredible discounts.

During Black Friday there will be many who take advantage of the offers to anticipate the purchase of Christmas gifts and compelling reasons for this they have. These days brands launch succulent discounts They invite you to leave everything ready so that, when the appointed days lie in wait, you have the peace of mind that the work is already done.

In the field of hygiene and at home, Black Friday will also be an ideal time to get hold of technological products that solve uncomfortable cleaning tasks for one, and there, there is a brand that stands out above the rest: Roborock. The Chinese firm has put on offer several of their best-selling robots during these special days, so this is the perfect opportunity to get hold of one of them.

S6 MaxV: cleaning and caring for pets in real time

Roborock S6 MaxV, new remote camera function

If you have a Roborock S6 MaxV, you can already see and talk to your pet from anywhere.

Roborock has in its product range the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for those who have pets. Why? Basically because it cleans all the dirt that they leave behind thanks to its power of 2,500 Pa suction (also with scrubbing option) and, in addition, it has a double camera Through which you can see in real time everything that happens in the home. Therefore, thanks to her it is possible take care of your pet remotely checking that it is perfectly in the moment you need it and, incidentally, ensuring that everything is still in order around the house.

Obviously, the possibilities of its double camera do not stop there. This is capable of map the entire environment in 3D so that the robot can see your surroundings. In this way, you can more easily detect any object of 3 centimeters or more that crosses your path (cables, plugs, floor lamps, shoes ...) and avoid it without difficulty, thus becoming an even smarter robot.

But wait, there's more. The Roborock S6 MaxV integrates a Qualcomm processor that gives this robot vacuum cleaner maximum performance to improve its connectivity and implement AI thanks to the firm's own ReactiveAI technology. This enables actions such as all those discussed with the double camera and Lidar navigation, and others such as communication with animals or other people through voice messages; mapping of different houses for those who want to use the robot in several homes, or the Smart Top-Up smart charging system It determines by itself how much battery you need to finish your assigned task and streamlines the process to accomplish it.

As well. This very complete robot vacuum cleaner will have a discount of 100 euros on its RRP and can be purchased for only 549 euros during Black Friday. Of course, it is to consider.

Roborock S6 Pure - proven efficiency in vacuuming and scrubbing

Roborock S6 Pure

Forget vacuuming, this robot will do it all for you.

If what you are looking for is a more accessible robot, without high-end features, but efficient in cleaning and scrubbing, the S6 Pure is another of Roborock's robots that plummets in price on Black Friday 2020. Specifically, the Sale price of the S6 Pure stands at 379 euros, a considerable reduction of 120 euros on its RRP

The S6 Pure features the LiDAR navigation system that allows you to function easily, avoiding obstacles in your path thanks to the laser. its cleaning system occurs in z shape to make sure to reach every corner and, incidentally, to draw the map of the home and perform all the tasks completely autonomously.

It has a power of 2,000 Pa to vacuum everything in front of it, including rugs and mats. Also, thanks to its 180 ml reservoir you can scrub easily and all this, along with the 5,200 mAh battery, It will make you forget about all the cleaning chores. You will not even have to put it to charge, because the robot will return to the charging base by itself and begin to regain strength.

S5 Max: a deposit that gives you to clean your house without messing up

Roborock S5 Max

Enjoy your free time while the Roborock S5 Max takes care of your home.

Another Roborock robot vacuum that is on sale during Black Friday (and in what way!), Although this time exclusively on Amazon is the S5 Max. This stands out for having a 2,000 Pa suction power, a electronic water tank with capacity of 290 ml and precise water control. It is perfect for cleaning a 65 square meter floor more than three times without the need for Replenish forces or a 200 square meter house on a single charge.

Like other devices of the firm, it allows the tracing of prohibited areas both for the vacuuming and scrubbing functions, so you only have to indicate through the app those corners that you do not want it to pass through and it will not. As simple as that. You can buy it on Amazon with a huge discount of 125 euros compared to its usual sale price.

roborock h6

Sofas, furniture, corners, cables, shelves ... nothing will escape the “claws” of the H6 vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners aside, Roborock also has a handheld vacuum cleaner that is all power. We are talking about the H6, a device with which to clean any corner of the home will be a piece of cake thanks to its 150 AW power and to the many accessories available. Now it is with a Black Friday offer and it can be yours for 350 euros.

It has a Long duration battery that allows an autonomy of up to 90 minutes in eco mode, more than enough time to leave the house like a whistle. It also incorporates a 1.3 inch OLED screen showing the running mode, the amount of charge and the remaining battery time, plus maintenance reminders and other functions.