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This application lets you customize folders in Windows 10 with different colors, images and styles

If there is something that has remained quite boring despite the design and icon changes that Windows 10 has undergone in recent years, it is the folders. Windows does not offer options to customize, or add at least color labels as in macOS and some Linux distros.

This is something that you can easily solve with a free application from GDZ Software called Custom Folder that lets you customize folders in Windows 10 with any color you want, in two different styles and with the option to add icons, emblems, or background images.

How to use Custom Folder

Windows 10 Custom Folders

Custom folders with Custom Folder

Custom Folder is very easy to use once you understand that everything is dragging into the window, at first it can be confusing because there is no great indication that what you are doing is working and the interface leaves a lot to be desired.

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Basically, to customize any folder on your system, you must drag this folder to the Custom Folder window. When you do, you will see the name of the folder at the top of the application.

Contextual menu

Or you can right click on any folder from File Explorer and select Custom Folder. This opens the application's default window which is "Pro mode".

In that mode you can choose a hexadecimal color of your preference at the bottom, and a style from the two folders you see: horizontal or vertical.

Pro mode

If you click on the color wheel icon at the top left you open the collections mode, there are many folder colors to choose from if you don't want to select a hexadecimal color.

To apply the design to your folder you just have to click on the icon you want of those that appear in the application, and you will automatically see how the icon changes in the Explorer. Once you do that, you will see two new icons appear at the top of the app:

Floating Emblem

Those icons take you to the selection of emblems, which are smaller icons that you can add to your folder to further customize it. You can also choose the position in which the emblem goes. And, you can add multiple emblems.

Apply Emblem

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If you want to create a folder with your own custom image, you just have to open the app and drag the image (only supports JPG format) to either the two example folders:

Custom Folders Image

To use that icon that you have created you have to drag the folder that you want to customize to the Custom Folder window, and then click on one of the two icons.