This app for Windows 10 and Xbox offers you relaxing sounds and white noise to listen to in the background, it is free and open source

Ambie is a modern application for Windows 10 and also compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, which plays background sounds to help us relax or focus. It is completely free and contains no ads.

You can download it from the Microsoft Store and its use is extremely simple. It is a box with several sounds of nature such as rain, birds, a waterfall or a forest. But it also includes some more urban sounds like those of a cafeteria, or the noise of the street in a city.

Has a timer to create sessions with background sound

Ambie Compact Mode

Ambie in compact mode

Ambie for now it has 12 types of sounds, but its creator promises to add more soon. For now you can use it to listen to sounds of the beach, birds, city street, cafeteria, stream, bonfire, rain, rainforest, under the sea, vacuum cleaner, waterfall and white noise.

Noize: relaxing background sounds to help your concentration

You have the option of create a 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minute session duration that ends automatically, or you can use the controls to pause, start or stop playback at any time.

The design is simple and pretty with the Windows 10 Fluent style, and it features auto dark mode, and also with a compact mode that makes the application smaller to always have it in the background.