This app for Android TV allows you to assign new functions to the keys on the remote control, even screenshots

In the current TV market we find different operating systems and one of them is Android TV. Together with Samsung's Tizen and LG's webOS, they are the great dominators of the market. And in the case of Android, it has the advantage of a large app store with access to tools like this one at hand: Button Mapper.

It is an application that allows you to reassign functions to the buttons, something nothing new in Android. The particularity is that it is designed to be used in Android-based televisions and thus have quick access to functions, even some who were not originally present. And for that matter I have used it to take the screenshots that illustrate this post.

More possibilities with the remote control

Map 1

Despite the modularity and possibilities offered by Android TV, then it is up to the manufacturer whether our TV has more or fewer functions. And one way to earn integers in this aspect is to use applications like this, which is also free. It is true that we can make a voluntary payment to unlock extra features, but the basic ones and therefore free, cover most needs.

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The use of the application is very simple, and once installed on our television, all you have to do is access it and click on "Add buttons" to add new functions to the buttons on our remote control.

Map 2

Map 3 The Mute button I use it to generate captures in long press

The next screen that we will see is the one that offers us to choose between different actions (single press, double press or long press) as a method to access a new function. But yes, We must not forget to mark the "Customize" button first. to access these functions. By default, the marked action is the factory default.

Map 4

At the time of customizing we will see how a new window is displayed in which select between the actions proposed by the application, with a list that is quite generous and that includes some functions for those who make a donation to the developer.

Map 5

Map 6

Map 7

At this point, we may be interested reset functions at a specified point or also stop or activate the operation of the application if we only want to use it occasionally. We just have to click on the "Options" within the customization menu with the button with the three dots.

Map 10

Along with these possibilities, Button Mapper offers access to some extra configuration possibilities if we click on the menu formed by the three points that offers access to "Settings" and that appears in the upper right area of ​​the screen.

Map 8

Map 9

The application, as we say, is free, but some features can be unlocked by making a donation the creator with any of the three quantities that appear among the options. It is up to each user to determine if they are interested and in that case, what is the price they consider appropriate to pay.

Map 12

Map 11

Map 11

Button Mapper

  • Developer: flar2

  • Download it at: Google play

  • Price: Free

  • Category: Personalization