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They find evidence of a new file encryption feature for Google Drive

The folks at XDA Developers were digging through the code for the Google Drive Android app and found multiple lines of code that make clear reference to a new file encryption function.

Despite the enormous amount of time that Google's storage service has been in operation, and the hundreds of millions of users it has worldwide, so far Drive does not offer the option to encrypt our files, so it would be a very welcome improvement.

A more secure and private Google Drive

There are six lines of code, of which three make mention to decrypt and download encrypted files, while a directly refers to being a "next function". Other than those lines there is really no more information about it.


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Google has also not mentioned anything about the possible inclusion of an encryption system for the files we store in Drive, and although there are references in the code to that function, We do not know if it will be something that will arrive sooner or later at the service, much less when.

What we do know is that it would be a very welcome function for many users, Google's cloud storage service is one of the most used, in addition to offers very competitive pay-per-space plans with Google One.

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