They catch the boss of Samsung using a strange prototype, new mobile in sight?

The hypotheses about an extendable screen gain strength among the Korean press

When the devices hit the market, they have been working behind us for a long time. There are many tests and controls that have to pass before landing in our hands, but that does not prevent the company staff from using them.

In fact, this happening can always lead to find out about future launches or company plans well in advance. Something similar has already happened other times, such as the sounded forgetfulness of an iPhone by an Apple engineer in a brewery.

On this occasion we are not talking about a forgetfulness or an oversight, because we doubt very much that what we are going to tell you is a coincidence. And it is that the great boss of Samsung, Lee Jae-yong has been seen and photographed with a extendable mobile prototype that can give us many clues about the future plans of the Korean giant.

Caught "red-handed"

lee jae-yong with extendable mobile

Lee Jae-yong with the hypothetical mobile with an extendable screen.

During a tour of Samsung's main research and development center in Korea, Lee was seen with a smartphone in hand that had nothing to do with any device released by Samsung to date and the rumors have not been long in coming. The theories that have gained the most force among the Korean press are those related to It is a phone with an extendable screen.

This Samsung prototype is not at all unreasonable, as we have already seen how the Asian company constantly innovates its phones in search of the conquest of the most daring consumers.

Even so, we do not expect any kind of official confirmation from the brand so, much to our regret, we will have to continue with the round of hypotheses until new information about it reaches our ears.