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Any of these 5 tablets will be a great choice to give as a gift.

We know what you want to have a new tablet, or that you want to give one for Christmas. Because in the AliExpress World Shopping Day you can get one at the best price.

From 8 inches to 10.1, are sizes suitable for all types of multimedia content.

Also, to top it off, all of them come with high screen resolutions and battery that throw a more than enough autonomy For the day to day.

We wanted to bring you 5 of the tablets best value for money, and with an extra discount today.

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The 5 tablets you want to give at Christmas

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Enjoy all the multimedia content in high resolution from the sofa or from your bed

There are 5 tablets with Android 9 and 10 pre-installed, high resolution and large memory capacity. Do not hesitate to buy one of them, whatever it is, because anyone is a gift perfect for christmas or for that family member who needs it.

If we had to stay with one of them, it would be the Huawei MediaPad M6, a tablet with great specs and low price.

You see that we have offers in any price range and different brands. You should not tie yourself to one of them, because sometimes it is Huawei that launches a great product, but tomorrow it may be Lenovo or Teclast that surprise us.

Do not miss the opportunity to get a good tablet for very little money. And if you are not convinced, some of the other offers that we are showing you during AliExpress World Shopping Day will surely do so.