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These are the news that will arrive first in the United States

Google Pay today announces its most important renovation since its launch, or as Google announces, its reinvention for turn your payments application into a much more complete banking application.

Google is no longer satisfied with simplifying payments online, in physical stores or in a small selection of countries to be one of the fastest ways to send and receive money. Now it goes one step further to allow us to save money, control our expenses and much more.

New Google Pay app

Google Pay

This renovation is not about a redesign of the current application, it is about the new international version of Google Pay (formerly Google Tez) that the company launched a couple of years ago in India and Singapore.

This new Google Pay debuts its international landing in United States with the launch of its early access on the Play Store. Its official launch is expected in 2021 with the hope that this new version will reach more countries in a future that we hope is not too distant.

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Payments to friends and businesses

Google Pay

The new Google Pay experience is built on relationships. As a messaging app we can chat with our friends to send or request money. In addition, we can also create groups to share expenses, dividing the payments.

Also, in the United States, Google Pay will allow you to order food in more than 100,000 restaurants, buy gasoline at more than 30,000 gas stations and pay for parking in more than 400 cities, all from the application.

It will help you save money

Google Pay

The new Google Pay will also allow you to save money on your purchases thanks to the rewards or offers that we can find when paying at each store. You can also link your bank accounts to control all your banking transactions from the Google application. It will automatically organize all your expenses so that you can search for your transactions by making queries such as "food", "last month" or "Mexican restaurants".

Google Pay

New way of banking

Google Pay

Starting next year, Google and 11 banks in the United States will launch the new Plex accounts, a type of online account that will allow your customers to use Google Pay as if it were their banking application. You can move your money between your bank accounts, make transfers, block your credit cards, etc ...

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