These are the best apps of the year according to the Spanish developers of Samsung

Shortly after the end of the year, and with the uncertainty of knowing which will be the best applications chosen by Google Play users, Samsung Dev Spain has announced its 2020 favorites. To view TV content on your mobile, a travel guide and more.

Samsung maintains its own application store on Galaxy mobiles. And to nourish this store with new software, the company supports developers in all the countries where it markets its mobiles, also in Spain. Samsung Dev Spain is the community that brings together Spanish software creators. And just awarded the awards for the best apps of the year, four applications that offer entertainment, culture and functionalities.

Awards from the Spanish developer community

Samsung Dev Awards

Spanish developers met on November 12 at Samsung Dev Day, an event where they discussed the present and future of software as well as the technologies that will enhance applications, such as 5G. The meeting also served to connect developers and find out which apps deserve recognition for effort and scope. And today we have met the four winners.

The best Android apps of 2020 ... so far

Samsung Dev Spain has highlighted four Spanish development applications with the 'Top Developer Awards', an award that honors the best software available in the Galaxy Store and in the Samsung Apps store for smart TVs. The winners were:

  • Alacarta RTVE. Famous Spanish public television app that offers all the content broadcast by its platform in the form of streaming on demand.

  • GOAZ. Traveler community from which a trip can be organized by obtaining personalized recommendations.

  • Tallk. Application developed in collaboration with Samsung that facilitates communication to people affected by ALS.

  • ‌MAN Virtual Classroom. Application of the National Archaeological Museum that offers thematic tours to those who attend its museums.

The four award-winning applications are available both in the Galaxy Store of Samsung mobiles and in the Google Play Store. They are free and can be downloaded to almost all mobile phones and tablets.

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