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Sony is one of the brands that has opted for Android TV to shape its smart TVs. An operating system that is periodically updated and that now sees the version of Android Pie 9 to televisions released between 2016 years and the most current of 2020. An update that now reaches Spain and other countries in Europe.

It is not the most recent version, since Android for TVs already has Android 11 in a release available to suppliers and manufacturers. However, the Japanese manufacturer is not usually very fast when it comes to updating, so it is advisable to arm yourself with patience. This time, the update brings some improvements when it comes to features, although not as visual as in the move to Android Oreo.

Taste of Android Pie


We already knew that Android 9 Pie would reach Sony televisions and in fact, in some markets they already had this update. Now it comes to the old continent, via OTA, in a deployment that, as usual, will be staggered, in order to prevent a failure from being spread among too many users.

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At this point you have to review the improvements that we will find in this update along with bug fixes that are also present. And a preview; if you were waiting for the arrival of the application to access Apple TV +, this update it does not bring it, so we will have to continue waiting for the arrival in phases and models.

This update has a weight of 1.68 GB in the file that can be downloaded from the support page. Among the improvements it provides, it is worth highlighting the compatibility with the HEVC 100/120 Hz format in video playback via USB and a new interface thanks to a redesigned configuration menu.

Menu With Changes

The rest of the points refer to bug fixes (such as the bug that caused it to take time to find the Wi-Fi network when activated) or the optimization in the operation of the TV. And a security patch update could not be missing, which is now "updated" to August 2020.


As an addition, in my case, after updating, I have noticed that the behavior of the volume button has been changed, which now requires continuous keystrokes to raise or lower the volume, not responding as before if we leave it pressed. This is the list of all the improvements and corrections that it provides:

  • Incorporates redesigned and optimized setup menus for Android 9 Pie

  • Combine video, album and music applications into one media player

  • Remove the WPS function to improve security

  • Improves the response of the TV when turning it on from standby

  • Resolves the problem that no sound was being received from a specific soundbar connected via the HDMI ARC

  • Improves video playback in HbbTV applications

  • Improve Wi-Fi function

  • Solve the black screen problem caused by High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) through the TV tuner

  • Add support for HEVC 100/120 Hz format in video playback via USB

  • Resolves a network error problem caused by an incorrect system time setting.

  • Fixes an issue with an LED flickering on AG8 models and improves system performance.

  • Improves the response of the TV when turning it on from standby

The list of models that benefit from this update It is huge and you can check if yours is among those listed in the image below these lines.


The update will arrive via OTA, although it may take time to do so. You can check availability within "Settings" and in "Information" clicking on "Check update". But if you don't want to wait, you can download the update (on Sony's support page) if your TV is compatible, and install it manually, which is what I have chosen to do.

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