Clubhouse officially lands on Android

There aren't enough video calling apps, so Fortnite "has become" a

Fortnite adds the possibility of group video calls to its game options thanks to its union with Houseparty.

Fortnite has introduced many new features since its explosion such as video game that everyone wants to have. With the passage of time the seasons, daily missions, special events with limited rewards and even live concerts by world-renowned artists like J Balvin or Travis Scott.

There is no doubt, therefore, of Epic's determination to make its star game more attractive every day, although its undeniable popularity has undoubtedly helped.

In this line of improving the product, very soon Fortnite users will be able to enjoy the function of video calls in your games with friends natively and integrated, although for this they will need the invaluable help of your smartphone and Houseparty.

Initially only available for PC, PS4 and PS5

fortnite video calls

This is what group video calls look like in Fortnite.

The operation is really simple but for this you must have several things. The first, of course, is the game, and for now it should be on PC, PS4 or PS5, although its expansion to other platforms is expected in the future.

Then, you need to have the Houseparty application on your Android device and link your Houseparty and Epic accounts. Once done, the "Fortnite Mode" option that you have to enable.

Once all this is done, from the mobile app you create a party with friends (what has been a group video call) and this will be seen in the left side of the screen when playing Fortnite. Although Houseparty allows you to add up to 10 friends, only four will be seen in the game, specifically the four most active.

Houseparty will be a "webcam"

union fortnite and houseparty

Houseparty automatically cuts out your silhouette in Fortnite Mode and places it on a colored background.

Houseparty's mission here is function as a webcam, it will be the camera used to record you. An interesting aspect is that when you are in Fortnite Mode, the app will automatically crop your silhouette and will put it on a colored background. If you disappear from the image for any reason (going to the bathroom, for example), the app will only show the colored background.

The inclusion of cameras in online multiplayer games is a very fashionable aspect lately, with several popular YouTubers using this mechanism when playing Among Us, for example. For the moment it is not known if Epic will extend the function to other games in their catalog, although we imagine that many of the possibilities will depend on its acceptance in Fortnite.