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The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra charges at 80W instead of 120W according to a test

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra arrives with a 120W charger in the box, unlike other manufacturers that include a charger slower than the maximum speed supported by the device.

This means that if you get the Mi 10 Ultra, you can experience ultra fast charging technology right out of the box.

A battery charge test to check the speed and temperature at which the Mi 10 Ultra charges has revealed that, actually the phone charges at a slower power than expected, although it is still faster than most devices on the market.

The load test was carried out by Android Authority, who have found that the M1 10 Ultra actually charges at just 80W compared to the advertised 120W.

The test revealed that the charger starts to draw 92.3W of power when it is first plugged in, but then drops to 86.4W for most of the charging duration. The power received in the telephone itself is 80.1W since part is lost in the cable.

Charging itself is very fast as it takes only 21 minutes to fully charge from scratch. In comparison, with an 18W charger the charge took 68 minutes to complete.

For those concerned about battery temperature, the maximum temperature at 80W is 43.8 ° C, which is higher than the ideal maximum temperature of 40 ° C. This maximum temperature would be much higher if the phone were charged even closer to 120W.

In comparison, with a 50W charger, the phone took 29 minutes from 0 to 100% and a maximum temperature of 39.1 ° C. The time difference is quite small considering the power difference of about 30W, and the temperature is below 40ºC.

It's important pointing that the Mi 10 Ultra does not maintain a high temperature throughout the charging time when charging at 80W. The temperature drops when the battery level reaches 70%.

At 80W, the Mi 10 Ultra charges quite quickly, much faster than most phones. However, it is surprising that it does not load at 120W - always according to the tests carried out by the mentioned website.