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The WhatsApp scam that everyone is warning about

The _penultimate_ scam that we will see using WhatsApp is already on everyone's lips.

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for more subtle ways to make their scams go unnoticed by the user. In all social networks we see scam and phishing alerts who try to keep our eyes wide open on the Internet, we already know that on the Internet little or nothing is what it seems.

One of the latest warnings that have gone viral directly concerns WhatsApp.

As Maldita has reported, in recent days there have been questions about a WhatsApp message requesting a 6-digit verification code that we have supposedly received on our smartphone.

The message in question reads as follows: “Hi, sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, can you please pass it on to me? it is urgent".

Under normal conditions we would not pay too much attention, since the sender would be someone we do not know and in whom we would not trust.

The problem is that the technique to steal information uses a known sender that we do have registered as a contact, impersonating his identity and making the trick much more credible.

Objective: steal our WhatsApp account

whatsapp cybercrime

Our WhatsApp account is a very precious asset for cybercriminals.

As in the networks everything runs like foam whether it is true or not, some users warned that the objective of this deception was to steal bank data or hack the mobile.

Nothing could be further from the truth. With this technique, cybercriminals pretend take over our WhatsApp account and the data of the contacts from our phone.

The methodology is the following. The thieves install the application on a mobile they own. They then enter the phone number of the future victim and, as WhatsApp usually does, send a message with a code to verify identity.

The message reaches the victim's phone, and then the mentioned WhatsApp explaining that they have sent a code by mistake Through a known sender who had previously also had his WhatsApp account stolen.

This is where the big trick is.

If the person forwards the code to you within seconds there will be lost your WhatsApp account and your stored contact information.

Be careful with the codes that are shared

As we have seen, this technique can go completely unnoticed and not raise too many suspicions, especially in people less familiar with the operation of WhatsApp codes.

Therefore, it is recommended that never resend any information related to codes or bank authorizations unless you are one hundred percent sure that the right person is receiving it.

We have already warned you on more than one occasion that it is very easy to get hold of your bank details if you are not careful, or that all that glitters is not gold on Instagram.

And no, we are not talking about idyllic lives.