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The "WhatsApp of Google" completes its global expansion and debuts end-to-end encryption

At long last, RCS messaging is available to all Android users from Google, and the company celebrates it by announcing the arrival of end-to-end encryption.

Google has been working for years trying to make RCS the instant messaging standard by integrating it natively in your messages app official pre-installed on Android phones. And although if work is not finished, today the company can proudly announce that the global rollout of RCS messaging is now complete.

In fact, the company has made it official on its official blog, where they also take the opportunity to announce the arrival of a long-awaited function by users of the Google messaging app: end-to-end encryption.

Google Messages

The Google messaging app.

RCS messages are now available to everyone, now with “E2E” encryption included

According to Google itself, although the road has been long, global deployment of this new messaging experience has ended. In this way, anyone using the Google Messages application can chat with other users, enjoying the advantages that RCS messaging provides over outdated SMS.

Google messenger app

Android's native Google messages app.

And to celebrate such a feat, Google today announces the arrival of end-to-end encryption to the conversations of your message application, similar to what happened a few years ago in other messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

In this way, messages will be protected and it will prevent third parties - or even Google itself - from accessing your content by intercepting them, since each message will be encrypted through secure keys.

This function will be available first to users using the beta version of the app, and it will reach the rest of the people over the next year, until each and every one of the conversations carried out through the messages app is encrypted.