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The Walking Dead now available on Android

The biggest bridge game franchise just won a remake starring another franchise, The Walking Dead. The combination lands on Android as a paid game. And now it's available for download: Google Play adds a new title to the building games category with Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

Build bridges by joining different slats It is an entertainment that has triumphed on smartphones, Bridge Constructor is there to prove it. Headup, the developers behind the franchise, created several independent titles. And then they decided to rely on a well-known video game: Portal. Joining both universes achieved a title as attractive as it was successful, hence the bridges are extended to a new franchise: The Walking Dead. Can the zombies cross to the other side?

You don't just have to build bridges

Bridge Constructor Walking Dead

Despite the name, and the characteristics that precede the game, in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead you not only have to make bridges and constructions, also run schedules at different points so that the characters can escape from the zombies. Everything must combine to solve each scene without any of the characters losing their lives, either from the undead or from falling down the cliff.

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The puzzle mechanics are accentuated to offer a more complete and challenging experience. The game proposes the construction of platforms, of the usual bridges, you have to squeeze your head so that what is built does not fall and, above all, it is essential to keep the survivors safe scheduling your action-by-action screen tour. Go down a ladder when you reach the specific point, go to the left to escape the zombies, execute a series of steps to secure the platforms ...

Bridge Constructor Walking Dead

In Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead you have to weigh each action so that none of the survivors falls into the hands of zombies or gravity. Physics are very important, as in the rest of Bridge Constructor games, so is logic. And history is not lost along the way since The Walking Dead doesn't join the plot just to create appeal For fans of the series, the developers make use of the setting and the characters, making the solving of puzzles make perfect sense.


The quality of Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is very high, it offers a well plotted story, the graphics are on the level and currently has a good number of levels with increasing difficulty. Of course, all this waste has a price: the game just came out for 5.49 euros. It has no in-app purchases or ads.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead