The toughest in the class? JerryRigEverything puts the Google Pixel 4a to the test

Google changes the paradigm of its Pixels and leaves us this year without the Pixel 5, but in exchange we have two versions of a Pixel 4a that has proven very hard in Zack Nelson's laboratory.

Google wanted to take advantage of this strange 2020 to change the paradigm with your mobile devices, and the truth is that Rick Osterloh's team is right in my opinion with a Pixel 5 that look for the experience and the price content above the most beast specifications, which today practically no longer differentiates anyone.

In any case, this Pixel 5 will not reach our markets after Google has excluded Spain from its priority markets, leaving us only with the Pixel 4a in the catalog and a new model of its mid-cut terminal, the Pixel 4a (5G ) that updates device connectivity.

We have already analyzed this Pixel 4a thoroughly in Andro4all so that you know all its details, but to our test unit we have not been able to do the usual torture test that the acquaintance youtuber Zack Nelson performs on his channel JerryRigEverything for our fun.

Pixel 4a

Good job Google building your Pixel 4a… It stands up to anything!

Google disclaims materials 'premium' in this Pixel 4a, but it gets very good marks in resistance

It is true that it is a more affordable cut smartphone, and obviously that involves cuts in a spec list which in this case is less important, including less noble materials such as plastic instead of metal for chassis and frames as well as older generation Corning glass.

In any case, the materials of this Pixel 4a they do not imply loss of quality or less resistance in its construction, which seems to be of the highest level if we look at the video posted on JerryRigEverything, which we leave you right here for you to check first hand:

As you have seen, the Pixel 4a is probably the toughest in the class, at least in the middle range of the Android catalog, as pressure tests show that despite the plastic and Gorilla Glass 3 the phone bends but does not break, keeping its functionality intact.

The same goes for its 5.8-inch OLED panel, which shows damage after 20 seconds to direct fire but fully recovers or almost completely on cooling.

Regarding plastic, since it is plastic and is damaged by the blade, there was nothing else to expect, but the fingerprint reader still works with significant damage.

For its part, the aforementioned Gorilla Glass 3 glass is almost a blessing, because we already know that the new generations of Corning improve their hardness by worsening the scratch resistance, thus achieving that the Pixel 4 keep the crystal intact up to level 6 of the Mohs scale.

_It is the same resistance as any other high-end.

Definitely a top-quality device at an attractive price, also with direct support from Google and the best experience of the Android platform in terms of symbiosis between hardware and software, so if you are looking a phone with three B, good pretty and cheap, you have already found it: