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The RTM version of Windows 10X will arrive in December, and the first computers with it will launch in the spring, according to Windows Central.

The history of Windows 10X is, for now, the history of lags. The new variant of Windows 10 for dual-screen and folding devices should have reached the first commercial models during 2020. But nevertheless, the company has still not launched the new version called to revitalize the system, which despite receiving two large versions every year, has shared the same skeleton since 2015.

According to Windows Central, this situation is about to change. They say that from Redmond will release the RTM version of Windows 10 in December. RTM is the version that is delivered to hardware manufacturers and developers, and corresponds to the final version of the software. However, the first devices with the over-screen version would not arrive, according to the aforementioned medium, until spring 2021.

Microsoft already said that Windows 10X will come to single-screen devices


When it was announced, Windows 10X was expected to come exclusively to dual-screen devices. However, according to Microsoft, the current pandemic situation has changed everything, and "single-screen devices will be the first Windows 10X experience they will deliver to users."

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The reason they allege is that Windows 10X is focused on cloud services, something that in the current situation comes exceptionally well when working a lot outside the office and the usual work team. It is which explains the explosion of services like Microsoft Teams on the part of the company, which now wants to bring the product to families.

Windows 10X is expected as a rival to Chrome OS, although in reality it will be much more than that. It will be compatible with Win32 applications, being above Windows 10S, which was more designed to compete with Google's bet.