The recent Motorola Moto E7 Plus already has its first discount: buy it for 139 euros

The Moto E7 Plus has a discount of 20 euros that makes it the cheap Motorola par excellence.

Released just a couple of months ago, the Motorola Moto E7 Plus It is one of Motorola's strongest bets for the low-end.

With a very competitive starting price of 159.99 euros, this Moto E7 Plus is aimed at all those users who are looking for a terminal as cheap as durable that puts the focus on the screen and in The battery life.

Buy the Motorola Moto E7 Plus for only 139 euros

Motorola Moto E7 Plus

The Motorola Moto E7 Plus is one of the cheapest and most balanced mobiles of the brand.

You will like to know that this new Motorola terminal has a small but interesting 20 euro discount over its original price. In other words, instead of paying 159 euros, you take it home for 139 euros, all thanks to these two offers from Amazon and El Corte Inglés, two e-commerce of full confidence and that have all the guarantees.

Despite its contained price, the Motorola Moto E7 Plus is a smartphone with all the laws, managing to stand up to the legion of Xiaomi's and OPPO's with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 and a main chamber of 48 megapixels, to which we add Android 10 and 4 GB of RAM.

To this is added an unusual 5,000mAh battery with which Motorola guarantees longer than two days, something that is not a joke if we attend to your Huge 6.5-inch HD + display.

In short, one of the cheapest mobile phones balanced that you can buy now, ideal as a gift or for those looking for a simple but off-road mobile, the classic "For WhatsApp and some photos" resultón and with battery to spare.