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The OnePlus N10 and N100 have just come out and ... will stay on Android 11

OnePlus surprises with an average that does not fit with what the company has shown to date.

The strong update policy has always been a reason to praise OnePlus but after the last news that we have known in relation to this subject we are likely to send our compliments to the thinking corner.

And, as reported by our colleagues from Android Central, two of the most recent devices of the Chinese company, the OnePlus N10 and OnePlus N100 They will receive the recent update to Android 11 and that's it.

You may be wondering ... How is it already? Yes it is. The company has claimed that it will be the only operating system update they receive these two smartphones that, remember, have been presented less than a month ago.

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If there is one aspect that consumers valued about OnePlus regardless of the features or the price of their phones, it is the updates section. And it is that back in 2018 it was the company itself that ensured that its smartphone would be updated for at least three years, information that collides head-on with the reports from Android Central.

What OnePlus has assured is that Over the next two years the OnePlus N10 and N100 will receive security updates. Even so, the measure seems to be excessive and can lead those users who know it in advance to choose not to buy them.

Of course, it would be a most understandable behavior.

A few months ago we recommended OnePlus in this article for being one of the companies most committed to updates.

Obviously, we know that it is something it will continue to do with its higher end phones But this news has taken us very by surprise, as it will happen with many enthusiasts of the brand who perhaps are now somewhat less so.