The new design of the Google Play Store begins to be available: goodbye to the side menu

After a first enlistment among some users, Google is currently expanding the new Play Store design to all users. Said design It is characterized by eliminating the left side menu to include all the options in the avatar bubble, top right.

With the small changes that are coming to Google applications, the company often surprises us with certain adjustments that appear and disappear, also with designs that only come out to certain users. And the Google Play Store is one of the apps that most accuse these 'A / B tests': the store has evolved based on tests and small design changes. As the last one that is reaching everyone: the side menu disappears permanently.

Google integrates all the options in the avatar bubble

New Look Google Play Store Left, Google Play cover with side menu; right, Google Play with the new design and without menu

We had already sighted the design a few weeks ago, but the change is now official and is reaching all users: it will surely appear when you reopen Google Play. At first glance it does not seem that the design varies, but it does at the level of use and interface. In addition, it solves one of the problems of the already common gesture control: that the side menu overlaps with the back gesture.

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Through a currently expanding update it has permanently removed the left side menu, all three menu lines disappear (hamburger), the magnifying glass is placed in the place of the mentioned menu and all its options go to the avatar bubble. When clicking on it, 'My applications', the 'Collection', 'Payments and subscriptions' and the rest of the essential elements to manage the app library appear.

New Look Google Play Store Left, old side menu; right, new menu in avatar bubble

With the integration of the Play Store options in the avatar bubble the account selector is hidden under a small triangular icon: by clicking on it, the user can manage all Google accesses as well as the configuration of these accounts.

New Look Google Play Store Left, old settings menu; right, new menu with grouping by categories

Another aesthetic change is that of the Google Play Store settings: now the options are overlapped in four categories that are displayed when clicking on them. 'General', 'User controls', 'Family' and 'Information'. Payments and subscriptions are united in the same menu, also offers are now embedded in notifications.

With the new design, Google seeks not to hinder the opening of the menu with the back gesture (for those who do not use navigation buttons)

The new design is coming silently to all devices: it appears with version 22.6.13-21. Yes, Google must activate it from its servers, so it may take you a little longer to appear.