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the NetMarketShare we knew dies

NetMarketShare has been for almost three decades a main and basic source when it comes to knowing the estimated market share of the main browsers. Their monthly reports have allowed us to know that Chrome exceeded 70% quota for the first time a few months ago, which were the most used browsers (and operating systems) at the beginning of 2017 or how Edge came to surpass Firefox in the first quarter . It was a reference.

And we speak in the past tense because this indispensable tool says goodbye.

A change in browsers, driven by Google, has led to the disappearance of an indispensable reference source to know the market share of browsers and operating systems

"After 14 years of service and being used as the primary source in tens of thousands of articles and publications, we are phasing out NetMarketShare in its current form."they say on their website. The data for the month of October of this turbulent 2020 have been the last.

The progressive disappearance of user-agent is to blame

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One of the resources commonly used in the advertising business to profile users is known as user-agent or user agent, an element of the HTTP protocol that provides information to a server about the browser and the operating system what do we use.

Google proposed in January to do without it in future versions of Chrome and that will cause, according to those responsible for NetMarketShare, that their detection technology stops working and will cause inaccuracies in the data that we collect.

The gradual disappearance of the 'user-agent' and the complexity involved in adjusting the results by eliminating the 'bots' mean the disappearance of NetMarketShare

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This change and the complexity of detecting and removing bots to estimate quotas, a key part of your QA process, have ended up making their work enormously difficult obtaining data adjusted to reality.

"So instead of accepting the increasing levels of inaccuracy, we thought it would be a good time to terminate the process," they explain. NetMarketShare, however, will resurface with a new mission in the future "with a focus on e-commerce trends and verifiable user data."