the most popular Snap apps of 2020 according to distro

In 2019, Canonical decided to start a new tradition and show the public the Snap application usage data across different Linux distributions. There are millions of Snap packages that are installed each month and they have become one of the most popular packaging options for both users and developers due to their facilities.

Now that we are about to end 2020, the company behind Ubuntu has decided to publish that table again with the top 5 Snap applications according to distro, in which they include a comparison between Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Manjaro and Ubuntu.

Spotify is the most consistently popular Snap app

It doesn't matter which distro you use, apparently no one can live without Spotify. The streaming music app ranked in the top 5 in all distros last year, and this year it is back in the lead at 4 out of 5.

Top 5 Snaps 2020

It is also notable that in the more user-oriented distros such as Ubuntu, Manjaro, Fedora, and Arch, the top is about the same, with Skype, Slack, and Discord entering the list. While in distros like CentOS it is all about productivity, similar to the case of Debian where it is curious that the Snap app store has become the most popular.

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Among Manjaro users, Slack lost its place in the top being displaced by Zoom, the video calling app that has become ultra popular with confinement, which curiously has not entered the top 5 of any other distro.

If these results make something clear, it is that communication tools are the most important at the user level in general. Canonical also notes that this list does not include any snap that comes installed by default in any distro.