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The mind-blowing costumes from 'Lady's Gambit' and 'The Crown' can be seen in detail in this virtual exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum

'Gambito de dama' ('The Queen's Gambit') is being one of the productions that is giving the most talk in recent months. It is a superb period miniseries, which comes from the hand of Netflix, and which immerses us in the strategic universe of chess.

Like a good period series, costumes are a must-have, and a virtual exhibition created by the Brooklyn Museum and Netflix invites us to know the costume details of this blockbuster.

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It will only be available until December 13

They have baptized this virtual exhibition as 'The Queen and The Crown', and it is that 'Gambit de dama' is not the only series that is part of this online exhibition, and we can also immerse ourselves in the amazing costumes of another blockbuster: 'The Crown'.

In an era where it is difficult to leave home, travel or visit museums, it is appreciated to be able to attend a virtual exhibition. Invite us to a self-guided experience in which we can learn details of the costume designs in a recreation of the famous American museum.

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We walked through the museum doors and suddenly appeared on the third floor. On the glass roof we will find changing rooms from both series, and we can approach each one by clicking on the mannequin.

It is possible to move in 360º and on the right side we will find a drop-down menu with which to go more easily to the different models available in each of the series (there are twice as many in the case of 'Lady's Gambit').

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Information on garments, accessories, photographs with great detail or interviews with the people responsible for the costumes of both productions. All this at the click of a button.

The Queen And The Crown A Virtual Exhibition Of Costumes From The Queen S Gambit And The Crown

Forget the redundancy, one of the jewels in the crown of this exhibition is the wedding dress that Princess Diana of Wales wore at her wedding. It should be noted that this virtual exhibition will be available until December 13.