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The latest update of the OnePlus 8 in beta clears all data

OnePlus has suffered a slip with the owners of a OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro who, in addition, have an Open Beta installed: the latest update released by the manufacturer to such users has completely formatted their phones; thereby eliminating all personal data. If you have one of those phones, be very careful before updating.

The Open Beta of OnePlus mobile phones brings new OxygenOs functions to mobile phones suitable for said beta, also the new Android 11 version in the case of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The brand is fine-tuning this version on these devices, They are the first Der the brand to try it. Although yes, they are exempt from problems, like any beta worth its salt: an error in the update process is triggering numerous inconveniences.

OnePlus releases a stable update instead of the beta

Android 11 Oneplus Open Beta

The process of updates in tests requires the installation of the first beta so that later incremental updates arrive via OTA or wireless update (Over The Air). As long as a progressive update is installed, the user keeps the data on his phone; and the opposite happens after returning to the cycle of stable updates. It is just what has happened by mistake, as detailed by OnePlus itself.

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As specified by the brand in its user community, owners of a OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro with Open Beta versions of the firmware ( have received an update that, instead of being beta, is stable. This has brought complete loss of data after installation: all installed apps, photos, contacts, messages ... have disappeared on those phones that were updated. Therefore, if you have one of the mobile phones involved and you installed the Open Beta, do not update yet if an OTA arrives.

If you updated your OnePlus, and have not yet restarted the phone, you can protect your data with the app that OnePlus itself provides in its forum. If, on the contrary, all your data has been erased after installation You only have to wait for the information to be stored in the cloud. Google Drive makes regular backups of the device, the contacts remain in the Google account and the Photos will not have been lost if you use the backup of Google Photos. Remember that installing beta software always carries risk.

Via | Android Police