the latest Nokia TVs arrive in Europe

Smart TVs have been the norm for some time and it is rare that we go to buy a large screen for the home that is not governed by some type of operating system. Android TV is Google's bet, is progressing well and was chosen by Nokia for its latest batch of televisions. A fairly inexpensive consignment.

The Finnish manufacturer presented a series of televisions on September 30. Specifically, 7 models ranging from 32 inches of the most compact model to 75 inches of the largest. It only remained for televisions to be put on sale in our country and that has already happened. The latest smart Nokia are here and we can access them from 299 euros.

32 to 75 inches


Regardless of their diagonal, the seven Nokia smart TVs share a good part of their characteristics. For example, they have been manufactured in collaboration with Austrian StreamView HmbH, so we are talking about a trademark transfer and not of own manufacture. What happens, for example, with Alcatel or BlackBerry mobile phones, in the hands of TCL.

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Except for the three models with the smallest screen (those of 32, 43 and 50 inches), the rest of the televisions arrive with 4K resolution and support for HDR content. All have Dolby Vision, with a triple tuner for aerial and cable antennas (DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-D) and an Ethernet connection to connect directly to the router, in addition to dual-band WiFi. The models arrive with 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of internal space for apps.

Again, they all have two USB-A ports for connecting external devices. At the controls we find dedicated buttons for both Google Assistant and Netflix and YouTube, and are backlit so you can interact with them in the dark more easily. The prices of the seven televisions are, as the brand indicates, the following:

  • 32-inch Nokia 3200A: 299 euros

  • 43-inch Nokia 4000A: 429 euros

  • 50-inch Nokia 5000A: 499 euros

  • 55-inch Nokia 5500A 4K: 599 euros

  • 58-inch Nokia 5800A 4K: 629 euros

  • Nokia 6500A 4K 65-inch: 699 euros

  • Nokia 7500A 4K 75-inch: 1199 euros

The televisions arrive in Europe and will soon be available in Spain, with no confirmed date. They can be purchased on the manufacturer's website: StreamView.