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The Huawei P40 is at 415 euros for Black Friday and with that price it is difficult to resist

Huawei has the problems it has and it is always convenient to keep them in mind, but the Chinese giant has not forgotten how to make good phones and the Huawei P40 from the first of the year is a good example of this. A device called to compete with the high-end of the market and that, due to the vicissitudes of commercial relations, cannot have Google services installed. That's it, it's your only problem.

Regardless, the phone landed with an ambitious price. 799 euros of departure for a device that was already known to be rejected for being outside the Google ecosystem despite having everything else. Now, thanks to constant sales and Black Friday, it can be ours at Amazon for 415 euros and, the truth is, it is a price that is difficult to resist.

A high-end at a demolition price


We are talking about a certainly compact phone for the giants that usually travel the market today, because with its 6.1 inches and its reduced frames it manages to offer less than 15 centimeters tall and only 175 grams in weight, although it has a glass and metal body. As a brain, the own-made Kirin 990 in addition to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

How far can the Huawei P40 Pro go: what can be done with App Gallery and the challenge of installing Google Services

The strong bet of this P40, even with 5G and enough battery to take a full day, is in the photographic section. We have 50 megapixels f / 1.9 with a custom sensor, we have 8 megapixels f / 2.4 with 3x optical zoom and we have a super wide angle of 16 megapixels f / 2.2. And for the front, 32 megapixels f / 2.0 and an infrared depth reader.

As we have said, the Huawei P40 arrived without Google services and without them it continues, although if we are a little crafty we can solve this problem on our own. Perhaps this makes the Huawei P40 not a phone to recommend to everyone, who knows, but at this price it is very difficult not to. Remember: 415 euros for Black Friday.

Huawei P40 - Smartphone 128GB 8GB RAM Dual Sim Black

Huawei P40 - Smartphone 128GB 8GB RAM Dual Sim Black