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The Google Maps timeline will come to Google Photos and add the "Travel" tab

On the Google blog, the company has given a series of tips for the vacation trips that are coming up this Christmas season that will start in two weeks, and among the recommendations it has announced two novelties that we will see soon in Google Maps and Google Photos.

Google will enhance the chronology of our location history to allow us to discover our travels And power see from Google Photos the itinerary of our photos.

Two novelties to relive our trips

Very soon in the section "Your chronology" from Google maps the new "Travel" tab will be activated. There we can see a summary of our past vacations, showing all the sites visited, the total kilometers traveled and the modes of transport that were used during the trip.

How to use the quick editor of Google Photos to improve your photos in a simple way

These itineraries from previous trips can also be viewed and shared with our contacts from the "Trips" tab on google.com/travel. The entire itinerary will be shared including hotels, restaurants, museums and the company that we have received a reservation confirmation in Gmail. So our family and friends will be able to see the sites visited and the routes of our trip as a personal travel guide.

Finally, the Google Photos map currently only allows you to view photos grouped by location, but this will change in the coming weeks thanks to the integration your chronology so you can filter by days and see the photos and the itinerary you followed to do given one of the photos.

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