Clubhouse officially lands on Android

The Google Home app is updated with revamped playback controls and routine improvements

Google Home in its version 2.31, which has not yet reached all devices, is being updated with important changes at the interface level. Specific, the media control section has received a major facelift. A few weeks ago, the app received a new page of routines, which with the new update can start playing directly.

We are going to show you what the new interface that you will receive during the next few days looks like, since there are relevant changes both at the routine level and in the app's own playback menus, which allow you to fine-tune playback from paired devices.

Google Home gets a facelift


Google Home is updated to version 2.31 with important new features at the design level. The routines section now has a new play button and, apart from this, we can select where we want them to start. In other words, by clicking on 'start your routines in' we can choose the device in which they will start working quickly.

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Google Home App

Even more important than this change is the complete redesign of the multimedia controls. Instead of the classic carousel we are used to, they now appear in a list format. When we click on them, we can control in detail the volume and controls of each device. Similarly, we can create groups of speakers from the playback menu itself, something that will make it much easier to make our devices sound in stereo.

The update will begin to arrive progressively over the next few days, although you may be one of the lucky ones who already have it. Similarly, indicate that the update at the moment is coming to Android, without confirmation that these changes will reach iOS, for now.

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