The Google camera is updated to version 8.1 and brings improvements to almost all Pixels

Google continues to dedicate a special effort to photography on its Pixel phones, although now it has taken away one of the differentiating factors for cloud storage purposes: unlimited Google Photos. Much of these efforts are software and are reflected in your app, in Google Camera, now reaching version 8.1.

Google's camera already took a step forward with the launch of the Pixel 5 last October but now it goes a little further. And it does bringing news to the phones that the app considers as "compatible". That is, all Pixel models except for the first generation, since the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are marked as the last to receive it.

Redesign and extra features for all Pixels

This version Google Camera 8.1 already comes directly to the Pixel models, because version 8.0 has been reserved exclusively for the Pixel 5 at its launch. The great novelty that it brings is that it is redesigned, taking better advantage of the lower options bar and adding extra functions to be activated with a single touch on the screen.

Specifically, we are talking about the "Audio Zoom" functions or the classic video zoom, which are now activated more easily. Now appear new video stabilization options in the app, including the Cinematic Pan released by the aforementioned Pixel 5. It is unknown, however, how many of these functions will reach all Google Pixel models, since perhaps the older models have some cuts along the way.

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As in the case of previous versions, the Google Camera version 8.1 can be downloaded from Google Play for compatible devices. It is logical to think that it will not take long to appear adapted for other mobile phones and placed in repositories like GCamator, GCamloader and other similar ones. We will be attentive for when that happens.

Via | 9to5Google