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The Google Assistant will allow you to check your rest, workouts and nutrition

In the very near future we will no longer have to open the new Google Fit to consult our health and wellness metrics. The Google Assistant is preparing for integrate with third-party health services, either with external devices or applications.

This new integration, the Google Assistant will allow us to consult for our rest with questions like "Ok Google, how did I sleep last night", answering us the hours of sleep.

Rest, exercise, and nutrition in the Google Assistant

Google Wellness

The Google Assistant has started testing a new section called Wellness within your settings. There the company describes this new setting as an area for manage our sleep, exercise and nutrition facts.

So you can ask the Google Assistant to read you the news, articles or posts from the web pages

At the moment it seems that it only allows manage sleep, allowing us to link our account Fitbit, which asks for permission for the Google Assistant to access sleep information and to be able to respond to our related queries.

Google Wellness 2

With this integration it seems that the Google Assistant will be able to know our hours of sleep, our physical activity and the calories and macronutrients consumed throughout the day, as long as we link a compatible service.

At the moment it only allows Fitbit to be linked but it is expected that more services can be linked. That Fitbit is the first company to integrate with the Assistant does not take us by surprise, since a year ago Google formally announced the purchase of Fitbit, although this acquisition has not yet become effective as it is pending regulatory approval. A few days ago we saw how Fitbit announced the arrival of the Google Assistant to its watches, with which the integration will be total between Fitbit and Google products.

Via | Android Police