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The Google Assistant is testing a new activity history

The Google Assistant It is one of the services of the company that usually receives the most news throughout the year. For example, recently we may change your voice or program the lights, TV, or smart plugs to turn on or off.

During these last weeks, the Google Assistant has started testing another novelty on some devices. A new activity history which makes it much easier to access our most recent actions.

This is the new history of the Google Assistant

History Wizard

As I said, in some Android devices, when activating the Google Assistant now next to the suggestions appears the icon of the new activity history. Clicking on the new option will show us our previous activity, with the last five voice commands that we have asked.

Google Assistant: How to remove voice activity

This new activity history serves as a shortcut to invoke the voice actions we use the most a day saving us having to dictate them by voice or type them with the keyboard again.

This new section allows us comfortably eliminate that activity that we do not want to be saved in our history just by pressing and holding on the action.

Activity Assistant

But this is not all, it also allows us ** to see all our complete activity ** by clicking on the "See my activity" shortcut. A new view will open with all our activity history, with a search engine and a filter by date to eliminate the activity of a day or period of time.