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The European Commission accuses Amazon of illegally using the data of third-party sellers to compete with them

The European Commission will present Formal charges against Amazon for the company's treatment of third-party sellers on the platform. Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, announced today that antitrust charges will be brought against Amazon for using the data of third-party sellers to compete against them.

Vestager explained that the Commission has reached the "preliminary finding that Amazon unlawfully abused its dominant position as a market service provider in Germany and France, the largest market base for Amazon in the European Union."

Two years of research and a process that will go on for a long time


The company has long been targeted by regulators for alleged anti-competitive practices. The commission has been investigating Amazon for two years for its treatment of third-party sellers, the concern is that Jeff Bezos's company has allegedly been abusing their position that allows them to collect data from sellers and then use it to better compete against them.

This time a formal antitrust investigation has been opened to determine whether Amazon's use of sensitive information from independent sellers who sell on its platform violates the competition laws of the European Union.

The case focuses on Amazon's dual role in being both a marketplace for third-party sellers and its direct competitor that sells its own products.

By providing a marketplace for independent sellers, Amazon continually collects data about activity on its platform. Based on the Commission's preliminary investigation, Amazon appears to use competitively sensitive information - about sellers in the market, their products and transactions in the market.

The new in-depth investigation will seek to determine whether