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The beta of WhatsApp for Android adds the temporary messages that disappear every week

Facebook announced in early November that it would include the feature to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp soon. Now, WhatsApp Beta for Android users, you can already try this novelty, as it has begun to be activated for all users.

The temporary messages of WhatsApp are somewhat different from those of other applications, since it is not possible to configure how long they will take to disappear, and the period of time is somewhat long: One week.

Temporary messages arrive on WhatsApp beta

If you wanted to test WhatsApp temporary messages, now you can do it without using WaTweaker or similar stories. All you need is install beta version of WhatsApp available on Google Play.

In-depth comparison of messaging apps on Android

WhatsApp seems to be activating the novelty of temporary messages for all users, which adds an expiration date to the messages that are sent while this mode is active. When a week passes after a message has been sent, it disappears from the chat.


You can activate temporary messages in any chat or group (if you are an administrator), by tapping on the top bar to go to the profile and conversation options. There is the new setting Temporary messages, just above Encryption.

The first time you activate the temporary messages, you are shown a window that explains what they are and their limitations, but otherwise there is not much else to do except choose Activated. Doing so shows in the chat that the temporary messages have been activated, and chat includes an overlay icon of a clock to indicate it.

Upon reaching the beta, it is expected that the temporary messages will be activated for the stable version users as soon as it reaches the beta version, which is today in a few weeks.