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The best robot vacuum cleaners this Black Friday: 4 unmissable discounts

Discover a new tool to always keep your house clean.

A Vacuum cleaner robot it may be just what you are looking for if you want to save time on household chores. We are in the middle of the week of Black friday, so we can find good discounts on some of these devices.

We bring you a selection with 4 robot vacuum cleaners that will do all the work for you. They will vacuum, sweep and even scrub the different rooms of your home in a totally autonomous way.

Roomba 900 Series

These devices move autonomously, they even come back to charge.

  • Cecotec Conga 5490: your 4-in-1 technology with mixed tank allows you to vacuum, sweep and mop or mop at the same time. Its intelligent navigation system, called Tech Laser 360, It will help you map your entire home and plan the best cleaning route. On the other hand, its ForceClean system offers a suction power of up to 10,000 Pa.
  • iRobot Roomba 981: This Roomba incorporates a vSLAM navigation system that promises to draw a map of your house to navigate in the most efficient way. If the battery is low, he will recharge himself and pick up where he left off, the job will never be left in between. In addition, it is compatible with Google assistant Y Alexa, you can control it with your voice.
  • Rowenta Explorer Series 40: arrives with a mop and a water tank that will manage the liquid automatically. In addition, it promises to be very quiet, it will not disturb. You will also have no problems moving around your home, thanks to its sensor system will dodge all kinds of obstacles, moving in an agile and fluid way.

As you have seen, we find 4 robot vacuum cleaners that they can make your life easier. You just have to configure them from your application and let them do their job.