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The best and worst antivirus that you can install on your computer

If you want to protect your computer, get a good antivirus.

Although we have always defended that in mobile operating systems like Android it is not worth it or it is necessary to install any antivirus, We can't say the same for other platforms like Windows.

And not because Microsoft's operating system is insecure but because being so popular it is the victim of many attacks by cybercriminals. And as prevention is better than cure, it never hurts to have a good antivirus installed on our computers.

But be careful, because not all antivirus on the market are the same and although most are sufficient for the use that an average consumer can give their computer, some cannot be recommended even to our worst enemies.

These are the best and worst antivirus that we can install on our computers


These are the best and worst antivirus according to AV Test

Every so often AV Test publishes a complete analysis with the best and worst antivirus for home use. On this occasion they have analyzed a total of 22 antivirus during the past months of September and October giving the following results. All of them by the way, used with their basic configuration and on a Windows 10 computer.

Of the 22 products analyzed, a total of 18 obtain the Top Product seal, or what is the same, they are really recommended antivirus and fulfill their purpose perfectly, which is to protect computer equipment from viruses and other possible threats.

This list includes such popular and veteran antivirus as AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender and even Microsoft's own antivirus, which is installed as standard in Windows 10, Defender. These antivirus are sufficient both in their paid and free version for any user so any of them can be used.

Furthermore, if you do not want to spend money, Microsoft Defender is a fantastic option not only because it is completely free, but also because it hardly affects the performance of our computers.


IF you want to protect your computer from viruses and other threats, better install a good antivirus

On the other hand, there are other antivirus that have not done very well. For example, the popular Malwarebits software does not receive the AV Test quality seal when it receives a 5 for usability. On the other hand, Smart Antivirus 2.0 is the worst antivirus that we can install today with a score of 2.5 in protection, so unless the person to whom you recommend it falls very badly, better avoid it.

In short, there are many more than decent alternatives so in the end it all depends on our personal tastes, the price of these antivirus and how it affects the performance of our equipment. On the other hand, the myth that Windows Defender is not a good antivirus has been disassembled for years, so if you don't want to eat your head, you can use it without any problem. Also as we have already said, comes installed in Windows 10 and is completely free.