The best alternative to AirPods is from OnePlus and it only costs 40 euros

High-quality wireless headphones that will blow your mind.

Are you looking for some good headphones totally wireless, but you don't want to leave your salary on them? These OnePlus Buds Z for € 40 they are perfect for you. A price that drops from the € 59 that they cost on its official website and in most websites. Don't hesitate, opportunities like this they don't repeat very often.

Add today to your basket and buy on 11/23 for the indicated price

oneplus buds z offer

Cheap OnePlus headphones are on par with AirPods in sound quality

We are in front of headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connection energy efficient, water resistant and compatible with all types of devices mobile phones or Smart TV on the current market. Its design is beautiful and very similar to Apple's AirPods Pro. But the most important thing is that with all the quality they treasure they are only worth € 40. With the box, they have a total autonomy of 20 hours (5 hours on a single charge).

Thanks to fast charging, you can enjoy 3 hours of autonomy with only 10 minutes of charge. Impressive sound and ridiculous price.