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The Apple thing in the US will seem like a joke when you see the Samsung thing in Korea

Samsung exceeds 70% market share in its home country.

Not all phone companies sell the same thing in every part of the world. For example, Apple in its country of origin, the United States, has no rival, while in other countries, such as China or India, its presence is almost residual.

And if Apple's sales in the United States seem incredible, look at what Samsung has achieved in its native country because it is equally amazing. Of authentic record.

In South Korea, you don't want to know about another brand other than Samsung

Fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE screen

Samsung's sales in South Korea are insane

Samsung's year is not being bad at all. Not only has it launched incredible terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but its sales are of authentic record and that the mobile phone market is experiencing a major crisis.

Samsung currently occupies the number one position as the most important mobile phone company in the world ahead of Huawei and Xiaomi. The brand has managed to place almost 80 million units in the third quarter of 2020 and reach a market share of 22% globally.

Great fault of all this is his country of origin, South Korea. South Koreans love Samsung and the numbers show it. As we read in SAMMobile, Samsung has achieved a market share of 72.3% in that country during this third quarter.

To get an idea of ​​the importance of this milestone, it is the first time that Samsung has exceeded the 70% threshold. On the other hand, other important companies in the country such as Apple or LG (also South Korean) they do not reach 10% quota each one of them.

However, analysts say that Samsung will not grow more this year, but on the contrary. Because of the new iPhone 12, Samsung sales will decline slightly. Despite all this, we cannot deny that the figures obtained by this company are something really impressive.