The 7 apps you need to get subscribers on YouTube

YouTube is an attractive platform for brands, companies and individuals. The creation of audiovisual content is on the rise, with great acceptance by consumers and with more and more people trying to make it their way of life.

But nevertheless, growing in it is not easy. The number of hours that are needed is considerable and not everyone has the possibility to dedicate themselves fully, so a help external will be appreciated.

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This is where the small accessories that can make us the complicated task of gaining followers on YouTube a little friendlier. Whether you are taking your first steps on YouTube or if you have stagnated and need a boost, we propose a list of applications with which Gaining followers for your channel will be a little easier.


Maybe you are the new ElRubius and you are not taking advantage of it.

Top applications to get subscribers on YouTube

  • TubeMine

  • UChannel - Sub4Sub

  • UTViews - Views Booster

  • Viral Video Booster

  • VideoVTope

  • AdsVlog - Your Channel Promotion

  • Video promoter


tubemine app

With TubeMine you can share your video among your community and reach potential followers more easily.

TubeMine is an app that will help you boost the number of followers of your channel. Its operation does not consist of buying followers, but it will help you sharing your video among your community. To do this you must register and link to it each new video you upload. To be able to share a video you need "coins" that you can get by buying them or watching videos of other users of the platform. I give you and you give me manual.

Download TubeMine on Android

UChannel - Sub4Sub

sub4sub app

The Sub4sub community is wide and will allow you to reach a larger potential audience.

Through this application, getting followers, likes and reproductions will also be easier. The methodology is very intuitive: you upload the video, copy the link within the app and create a promotional campaign for it. For this you need coins within the app that are earned by consuming other content. It is totally free and it is made up of a real community, no bots, something always important.

Download Sub4Sub on Android

UTViews - Views Booster

views booster app

Another app that can help you grow on YouTube is Views Booster.

If you keep wondering how to gain subscribers on YouTube for free here you have another app with similar characteristics to the previous ones. The operation is the same: you share a video within the application and it helps you move it within your community. If you watch other videos, you get rewards and you can use them to improve the campaign of your creatives. Its users are real and you cannot buy followers.

Download Views Booster for Android

Viral Video Booster

viral video booster app

Viral video booster works in a very intuitive way.

Viral Video Booster is probably one of the best apps to gain loyalists to your channel, although it is in English and its community is made up mostly of English speakers. The operation is similar to the previous ones, promoting your video through the people who have it downloaded. To be able to do it, you must watch at least 75 seconds of the videos of other users.

Download Viral Video Booste on Android


videovtope app

VideoVTope is another application to share your videos with a greater number of people.

ViveoVTope works through the sample of a catalog of videos among which you can "strain" yours. It works in a similar way to the previous ones and to get the most out of it you should also see the productions of other YouTubers. The downside of its users is that it costs a lot to earn coins.

Download VideoVTope on Android

AdsVlog - Your Channel Promotion

adsvlog app

AdsVlog app collects hundreds of positive reviews from its users.

AdsVlog is a full-fledged YouTube subscriber generator. Through it, you can promote your channel, get more views, advertise your blosgs and post, gain subscribers and likes, among many other functions. Gather a good handful of positive opinions so it sure is worth taking a look.

Download AdsVlog for Android

Video promoter

video app promoter

Video Promoter provides you with multiple possibilities to promote your creations.

Video promoter is another one of those apps to get subscribers on YouTube in a more or less fast way. This will depend fundamentally on the time you have to see other content or the money you invest. Has a free version in which you can get coins that will make it easier for you to share your campaigns and other paid version with which you will speed up the process.

Download Video Promoter on Android

How to grow on YouTube

Ibai plains

Ibai Llanos is a mass phenomenon.

All these applications that we have shown you will be of help, but to grow on YouTube you will need something more than it is. There is no magic formula or genie in the lamp that will launch us to stardom of the most famous video application in the world, but there are some patterns that you can follow and they will surely give you results.

The first of these is constancy. You must upload content regularly and preferably on the same topic or related topics. Specializing is a good option and little by little you can become a prescriber of a topic.

Another good idea is that improve your skills in video editing. At the beginning you will be able to go pulling with little notions of editing, but with the passage of time your subscribers will unconsciously demand improvements so as not to stagnate.

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On the other hand, use eye-catching images for your video thumbnails and give the coconut for the video titles. Do not put the first phrase that comes to mind, maybe with a couple of turns we find the perfect words for thousands of people to see us instead of hundreds.

We also advise you to take a look at how reference YouTubers have created and promoted their content. Obviously you will not be able to do it in the same way because most likely they have a team behind (human and technological) that is not within your reach at first, but you can copy small details that will give you a boost.

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