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Telegram, in the crosshairs of LaLiga for piracy

After recognizing that this season Spanish clubs are playing with an economic deficit, LaLiga returns to the battle against piracy and nominates greats in the computer industry such as Namecheap, eBay, Shopify or Telegram itself among the main "pirate actors" of the moment.

At an event a few days ago, the Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish Professional Football League, acknowledged that his industry is in deficit this year in economic terms, although this concern about money is not new because the truth is that LaLiga has always been much more interested in money than the sport itself, the fans or the passion that football arouses among thousands of people.

In fact, as every year, the employers' association presided over by Thebes has come true to its appointment with the US Trade Representative, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, which receives the lists shared by all copyright owners about their 'pirates' more noticeable.

From TorrentFreak they told us that this year LaLiga has taken out the whip daring to denounce not only websites IPTV services that offer their parties illegally, but also to other giants of the computer sector such as eBay, Shopify and Telegram itself... Yes friends, the instant messaging app Telegram!

LaLiga pursues piracy

Javier Tebas returns to focus on piracy. (Image | Telemadrid)

Obviously, it should be remembered that these lists do not imply direct complaints or anything similar, but rather serve as the basis for the USTR annual reportrather a diplomatic and pressure tool than seeks to get companies and countries to take anti-piracy measures more actively.

Apparently this time both the USTR and LaLiga de Fútbol Profesional focus on intermediaries, nominating hosting services, domain registrars and other advertisers over services where content protected by copyright can be explicitly viewed.

According to the LaLiga statement:

Our greatest concern is the illegal transmission of our live sports competitions by people or companies that are not authorized to do so.

It is thus pointed out from the Spanish football association to various IPTV services as Megaplay, Seko IPTV, VolkaIPTV, ATN Y King 365 TV, as well as forums and other sites where playlists are shared of IPTV that include URLs to watch LaLiga matches in a “pirated” way.

There's others illegal streaming sites nominees, starting with Pirlo TV and ending with BeIN Match or Yalla Shoot, and even purely linked websites as Free Cable TV or Hulk sport.

Ticket with the face of Javier Tebas

Soccer has long been no longer just a sport, but a millionaire business. (Image | OkDiary)

Spanish football also points out that intermediaries such as providers of hosting could help prevent violations, but that in most cases they do not, with Namecheap and _Cloudflare in the spotlight:

It should be noted that most hosting service providers ignore emails and letters regarding intellectual property infringements. Preventive action is needed to prevent IPR violators from being able to host illegal content so easily on these companies' servers.

eBay, Alibaba and Telegram, three giants that LaLiga wants to "touch"

In the communications published by LaLiga, more active and aggressive anti-piracy stances are required, but they are not specified either what infringing content is hosted on these platforms, or any specific details.

In fact, it is stranger to see them attack giants like eBay or Alibaba, which they claim provide easy access to purchase illegal set-top boxes and other IPTV offerings. According to LaLiga, they are necessary "cooperators" for the piracy of its contents.

Last but not least, Telegram appears on the list next to Mega, MediaFire or Uptobox because although they can be used legally, these applications are used many times to share pirated content or links to reproduction of pirated content.

They say from LaLiga that it is "Extremely complicated and slow" remove content from Telegram, and that for this reason they have detected that it is used more and more to illegally share content protected by copyright in many of its channels, not only from LaLiga but from other owners.

As every year, the USTR report will come out later with the "Notorious actors" that they should review their anti-piracy policies, although it is not too clear whether or not services such as Telegram, eBay or Shopify will be called a chapter.

Maybe LaLiga has been too ambitious trying to put doors to the field, because we all know that there are indeed some users who resist and will continue to hack, but Most, if given access at an appropriate price, are willing to pay for content that interests them ... Isn't it Netflix or Spotify?