Study shows how WhatsApp can be good for learning

Whatever they say, WhatsApp can be a great tool for studying

WhatsApp is possibly the most popular application in the world. The instant messaging tool owned by Facebook is installed on practically all smartphones on the planet and there is no doubt that we cannot live without it and all this despite the fact that there are alternatives such as Telegram with many and better functionalities.

And despite the popularity of this type of application and technology in general, the truth is that in some areas, such as education, it is still not very integrated, even being frowned upon by some teachers. But nevertheless, now a recent study has shown that tools like WhatsApp could be great for learning.

WhatsApp as a tool for studies


WhatsApp can be a very interesting tool for study and learning

As reported by the Plos One medium, a survey / study has shown that WhatsApp is a magnificent tool for study and learning.

This study carried out among 194 participants of a WhatsApp group who were preparing for the PLAB exam –to be able to practice medicine in the United Kingdom–, showed that WhatsApp can help organize study groups, solve doubts and support each other among students.

Of the 194 members of the group, 88.6% of them approved and that is quite revealing. because the world average of passed this exam does not reach 70%. Group members acknowledged that WhatsApp had helped them pass. More concretely:

  • The 94% they recognized that the group moderators were well informed and answered questions
  • The 83% stated that being in a WhatsApp group with other students motivated them
  • The 73% reported that the group was very well organized
  • The 98% of the group members stated that they would recommend other students to be part of said group

For all this, applications like WhatsApp can be a powerful learning tool as long as it is used well and is not used to send viral memes or videos. In the case of these students, They used it to organize study routines or solve doubts and thanks to this, the majority were able to pass.

So the next time they tell you that technology and more specifically applications like WhatsApp are not useful for learning, ignore them. Technology has come to make life much easier as long as we use it correctly.