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Stories arrive, now available

The plague of Snapchat Stories continues to advance in its effort to infect all known applications and services, including Spotify: the famous music and podcast platform just enter portrait video format. At the moment it is not ephemeral.

When something becomes popular in an application, it is usually exported to other competitors because, if something works, why not copy it? The problem arises when an option indicated for a social network ends up reaching streaming platforms, as has happened with the Histories or Stories, the ephemeral video format that Snapchat was invented. Because, does it make sense to have Stories in apps like Spotify?

Spotify launches its Stories with Christmas Stories

Spotify Stories

The arrival of the vertical video format to Spotify is timid at the moment since bubbles still do not appear on the cover of the application. Yes, they can be seen in at least one list: the one related to Christmas hits or Christmas Hits. Spotify thus joins the Stories after Twitter exported the Stories to all users.

Maybe not all applications need to have stories like Instagram

To see the History of Spotify (probably the first, we have not found more at the moment), and see how it has adapted the format, you just have to locate 'Christmas hits' in the search engine. Enter the list and you will see the bubble at the top labeled with a 'Click to see the History'. Once you press on this bubble, you will access short vertical videos starring various artists. The videos will go on automatically; with the option to advance manually by clicking in the upper area of ​​the screen, on the lines that represent the set of Stories.

Spotify Stories

The idea is that the artists upload your own video content to your catalog on Spotify. Hopefully the bubbles will soon become popular and appear on each artist's page, also in the Home of the application. At the moment it is a test, but no we will not get rid of them.

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