Stadia for Android now lets you chat with your friends and share screenshots

This week, Google's streaming video game platform turns one year old, and in this first year of life of Stadia improvements and news have been arriving little by little, especially in this month of November.

After launching the family collection a few weeks ago to allow us to share our games with our family and friends, now it launches four more news:

What's new in Stadia

Stadia Messages

Instant messaging finally comes to Stadia. You can now chat with your friends from the web or Stadia app. In the friends section you will now find the new section for send messages.

Google Stadia, a year later: Google's streaming game experience, told by a Founder

The first time you access this section you will have to configure privacy to choose which people can send us messages, if all players or only our friends list. These settings can be changed later from the privacy settings.

Stadia Screenshots

We can also share our captures from the Android application. Stadia will share our screenshots or audio clips via a link. It will not share the file.

Video captures now include the audio of the chat voice, so now our voice and that of the rest of the players will appear in our recordings.

By last, Stadia improves our profile to include more information such as our games, last game played or the list of friends or status. The public visibility of this information is configured in the privacy settings.



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