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so you can disable this change and go back

If you regularly use Microsoft's browser, Edge, most likely have you noticed a change in the way the copy and paste feature works with URLs. Because, indeed, its operation has changed.

Until recently, copying and pasting a web address didn't have much of a mystery: what you selected when copying was what was pasted. However, this has changed. Starting with version 87 of Windows and 88 of macOS, when we copy a URL what we paste is not that URL, but its title with a hyperlink to the URL in question.

You can paste the URLs again as you have always done by following the steps that we indicate to revert this change

That is, if we copy https://www.genbeta.com/ appears Genbeta - Software, descargas, aplicaciones web y móvil, desarrollo. And although at certain times it can be useful to us, It may turn out that it is not the expected behavior in most cases. Luckily, it can be changed in just a few easy steps.

How to revert Microsoft Edge copy paste change

To return to the previous operation of the copy and paste feature of Microsoft Edge, simply click on the three horizontal dots that we find in the upper right part of the browser screen and select Setting in the menu that we will see.

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Instructions for changing the new copy and paste behavior in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge vs the rest: we compare its performance against Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Next, a new tab will open with the configuration options. Here, we must look in the left column for the section Cut, copy and paste, click and, once inside this part of the options, we select the box of Plain text and ready. The function will revert to its classic behavior.

The change will apply to the profile we have in use, so if we want to apply it to all of them, we will have to repeat the steps in each of them. Finally, to say that reversing this change that we have made is as simple as selecting the other option in the last step.