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Skype now allows group calls with up to 100 participants

It is no secret to anyone that during the pandemic and confinement the demand for communication tools has significantly increased In the midst of the wide need, Zoom has perhaps been the one that has managed to capitalize the most, capturing millions of users despite its security and privacy problems.

However, the old acquaintances like Skype are still there although some have forgotten a bit about it. In fact, Microsoft reminded us in April that we can use it to make group video calls without registration and without installing anything. And now we can also use it to make calls that support up to 100 participants.

50 to 100 participants in free group Skype calls


With Skype version 8.66 which was just released, it is now possible to add up to 100 participants to a call. The previous limit was 50 people, so Microsoft has doubled the group size and they are still free for all Skype contacts.

Six services for making group video calls with many people

It is important to emphasize that we are talking about voice calls via Skype between Skype contacts. Calls to mobile phone numbers require Skype credits, and video calls continue to support a maximum of 10 people at a time, although without any time limit as in Zoom.

Group video calling limit is still 10 people in the free version

The limit applies to versions of Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android, iOS, and iPadOS. In addition to the new space for more people on your call, Skype has also made some improvements to the stability of the application.

They have also fixed some bugs, such as the fact that the Android app would freeze if you logged out, problems in which Skype automatically switched to English, errors when uploading or downloading files, and bugs in Windows with the contact list.

The news will be progressively reaching all users, so it is possible that some will receive them before others.

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