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Simyo and Lowi improve their rates and give gigas to their clients

Simyo and Lowi anticipate Christmas: improvements in their rates and up to 50 GB of free data.

If you are a client of Simyo or Lowi's, today you are in luck.

The two operators have announced major improvements in their mobile rates, ranging from a price reduction to offer 10 GB for only 6 euros per month, until giving away nothing less than 50 GB to any customer, regardless of their rate.


The Spanish operator Simyo.

Simyo lowers the prices of its rates

Simyo herself has announced on its official website the improvements that will be applied to its rates from this month.

From now on, those people who had hired the 5 GB voucher, they will automatically have 8 GB for the same price. Better still is the increase in 7 GB bonus, which happens to have 14 GB.

Other two vouchers, 10 and 20 GB at a price of 6 and 10 euros respectively.

New Simyo rates

The new Simyo rates.

To these improvements must be added Simyo's decision to give away 20 GB for 15 days.

But that's not all: the operator has also improved its fiber blended rates, creating a total of 13 new combinations that, for example, allow you to have 100 MB of fiber, unlimited calls and 8 GB of data on the mobile for 28.49 euros per month.

New Simyo rates

Simyo's new combined fiber rates.

Lowi gives 50 GB to all its customers

Nor could the already traditional lowi's holiday promo, that one more year give your customers no less than 50 GB of data to navigate.

Said promotion is available to all customers of the operator, regardless of the rate they have contracted; from the cheapest to the most expensive.

50GB free at Lowi.

Lowi gives away 50 GB of data to all its customers.

The promotion is available until January 31, 2021, and is available to both existing customers and new customers.

For activate all 50 GB, you just have to download and access the Lowi mobile application and activate the available promotion. Automatically, they will be added 50 GB to the contracted data plan that can be started to consume immediately.